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Pianist Gregory Martin

Sarasota Music Archive Events
2017 – 2018
Geldbart Auditorium, Selby Public Library

Events sponsored by the Sarasota Music Archive and the Friends of the Selby Public Library

All About Pianos

 Wednesdays at 10:30 – 11:40 a.m. 

A Series of Six Presentations by


The Instrument

The Great Piano Music and Composers

The Great Pianists


July 5 – August 9, 2017

10:30 – 11: 40 a.m



July 5 The Evolution of the Piano

July 12 Piano Music from 1725 to1800

July 19 Piano Music from 1800 to 1850

July 26 Piano Music from 1850 to the Present

August 2 The Great Piano Virtuosi

August 9 The Great Piano Virtuosi


Look for more summer events and next season’s events coming soon.


The Archive is part of the Sarasota County Library Special Collections Department of the Selby Public Library, the Sarasota Music Archive is one of the nation’s leading music reference collections containing several hundred thousand recordings, tapes, music scores, books, and memorabilia. The collection includes opera, vocal, choral, musicals, jazz, popular, folk, instrumental, and orchestral music. Recordings may be in the form of Edison wax cylinders, one- or two-sided shellac disks, LP vinyl records, laser disks, DVDs, or compact disks. A listening station is available at the Archive.

The catalogue is online at: Volunteers check and catalog donated materials, plan programs and events, and provide assistance to members and the public.

Recordings and music scores that are not needed for the collection are sold at very reasonable prices to the public. Materials may be copied.